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The Program

VWI offers the Women Empowerment Program in Jaipur,India. The Program has created to educate and provide basic training program for the purpose of women living in rural areas like slum, villages and the women living in an object poverty. Every women and juvenile girls that come to our center adopt a good basic education and training program. Be that as it may, we have some other training programs for women such as stitching work, drawing and henna paint. Having empowered the women in such training program they can be independent on their own by using it to find job or better still start their own business in India. On education level, we make sure every women has a basic English speaking language along with mathematics because of the fact that English is well accepted globally as a way of effective communication. The majority of women who attends our center don’t know how to write. We also offers the program on one on one or group discussion in order to rub minds together within themselves. With support of women in society and giving them access to equal chances, for example,as an education, employments and health services, everybody derives. Baby death rates go down, more children stay in school, wages increment and the cycle of destitution can be broken. By volunteering in this program , you will join a devoted team of international volunteers helping with sustainable women’s empowerment program.
Women Empowerment is a worldwide topic, but it is tremendously required in India. The new India and the old India are still isolated in its musings. Nonetheless, the battle for correspondence begins with the right kind of support and education. A great deal of women empowerment is working towards strengthening of women in India. The project give charitable effort chances to International volunteers to come and help women in whichever way. As a Volunteer your work in Women Empowerment Program will help women get the kind of introduction and autonomy they require.

Project Fact File
Project Duration: Minimum 1 week stay up to 4 months.
Project Fees: $340 for 1 week; $160 per week thereafter. No Application fees required. For more information about our fees please visit Volunteer Program Fees Page.
Project Availabilities: All year round –Dates are flexible you can choose your own start and finish date.
Requirements: We don’t need any qualification for this project. Volunteers must have a lot of love & enthusiasm for the project.
Location: Jaipur, India.
Project Activities: Basic English and maths classes, training program, skills & personality development and income generating activities.
Working Days: Monday-Friday. On Weekend we arrange sightseeing tours for volunteers to visit famous tourist spots in Jaipur.
What is included: Arranging your programme, pre-departure information and support by email/phone, arrival pickup from Jaipur, program relevant materials, accommodation with an Indian Host Family, 3 Meals ( Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ), transport to and from the project site, weekend sightseeing tours and 24 hours of admin support.
What is not included: Visa, Flights, Internet, Telephone Calls, Monuments/Sightseeing Entry Fees, Insurance Cover, and Airport Drop off.

For those who are interested it is possible to combine this project with a working and teaching children program.

Work for Volunteers

You can Support Women in many ways, depending on your skills and interests and the needs of the local community.

Volunteers in Project involved in the activities like:

  • Teach English language to young women
  • Education (Literacy) awareness work
  • Women Health awareness program
  • Income generative skills training
  • Personality development
  • Awareness raising activities

VWI run it’s women empowerment program at one of it’s partner NGO. Sometimes women in the center not showing their interest to attend English Language Program if that happen volunteers will be interact with the other social activities at the centre. The project is also mix with teaching children of rural areas in Jaipur. So the volunteers have the opportunity to work with both women and children in 1 project.


Women Empowerment Project by VWI not only allow you to work for their development but it also give you chance to get know more about social life of women which live in rurals & backward areas in India, “ says Lara Pascal from Spain our past volunteer.” Read Our –Volunteers Stories & Reviews about the Program.

Past Volunteers have had a wonderful time with us in the program. Volunteers have joined the program from all over from the world. Most of our volunteers have come from U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia and European Countries. We can put you in touch with past volunteers if you are interested in hearing about their experiences. Have a look also at our previous volunteers reviews on the GoOverseas and GoAbroad website.

Skills Required for Program

There is no specific skill requirement to join the volunteering program. But volunteers who love and are passionate about helping women which are in need & also like to learn about the culture/life of the people in the country can join the program.

Arrangement of Room, Food & Transportation

VWI makes arrangements for room, food and transportation for the volunteers, from the first day of the volunteer’s arrival in Jaipur, India. Volunteers will be living with the Indian Host Family. You will be having your own room at the host family house which can be shared by the same gender volunteer in the program. Our host families are carefully screened and selected based on VWI requirements. Host families are experience in the realm of hosting international travelers from last 10 years. The accommodation and meals provided at the host family will be basic. You will be getting 3 Meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), traditional but very nutritious. The meals serves at the accommodation are the everyday meals which are eaten by the Indian Families. This is how the program has made to make you feel and Live Like a Local. However if you are not able to adjust with the Indian meals or need more nutrition/protein/special diet in your meals you can arrange by your own from the near by local market. Staying with Host family will give you the opportunity to learn about Indian Life, meet the locals, try local food, speak local language and make yourself to immerse in local customs and traditions. The host family members are able to communicate in English and are very friendly with volunteers. There is internet connection facility also available at Host Family. You will have a very good access through computer & by Wi-Fi access. We also arrange transportation facility for volunteers which will everyday pick you to project site and drop to your home when you finish work. You will have everyday auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk) ride for Transportation.
You will be required to pay extra direct to the host family for Internet Connection (200 INR weekly) and mineral water bottle (20 INR per bottle)

What you will gain from this project

>A memorable working hours with the community for the women development program in India.
>An enormous satisfaction from inside as you worked who have your needs.
>An unforgettable memory by spending time in India.
>Opportunity to learn Indian culture, language and their traditions.
>An entry in your CV as you have worked in under-developed country that will boost your profile in job market.
>Life time member with VWI after completion of your project.

Volunteer Week Detail

Day 1: Today you will arrive in Jaipur. A VWI staff member will pick you up from your arrival destination and welcome you. After picking you up, we will transfer you to the host family accommodation. We will introduce you to the host family members and guide you through the accommodation facilities and your local surroundings. You will be given a run down about the project, your daily working schedule, rules and regulation of volunteering, what the dos and donts are of travelling in India are and advise you about facilities any traveller might need in a new place.
Day 2 to Working days : You will be transferred to your project site. Your first day will be a learning experience, meeting new faces and seeing what your role will be. Days at the project site will include taking part in many of the activities you have read above. And maybe even a few spontaneous Bollywood dance-offs.
Working days will be five days a week, Monday to Friday.
Weekends: The weekends are free for you to relax and enjoy Pinkcity. Every weekend we cover Sightseeing Tour’s of the Beautiful Historical places, Cultural places & programs with our VWI staff team. Volunteers have opportunity to meet with other volunteers also from other projects sites as everybody gets together on these days. However there are several other side trips that you can join which will greatly enhance your experience of Rajasthan, India.

End of Trip:After finishing the Volunteering India program you can choose our Add on Tour package to explore India. Volunteers can join to visit Taj Mahal, Golden Triangle Tour, Wildlife Safari in National Park, New Delhi and more.
We can offer you advice on travelling on to your next destination, whether it be another Indian city or on to the airport for home or more of the world.

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