Work With Elephants

Elephant Conservation Program

Elephant volunteering India is not a new concept. There are many programs and initiatives carried out to help elephants thrive in a good environment.

About the Project:
People who love animals always have a very soft spot in their heart for them. They look after them wherever they see an animal, whether if it’s their own or not, they take good care of them. There is one animal in particular that is loved and adored around the globe by everyone, Elephants. You would rarely find a person that would have hate in his or her heart for this animal. We at Elephant Conservation Program in India are here at your disposal to help you get to know more about these loving animals by getting you up and close to them and how they go about spending their day.
We have variety of things up on the list that you can do with these wondrous animals. From giving them a bath to maintaining their feet to feeding them their favourite food, we let you do all sorts of enjoyable things with these animals.

Length of the Project-
The work at Jaipur Elephant Project will require a minimum of one week stay which will last up to 4 months. Volunteers will be required to work 3-4 hours everyday in morning and needs to attend 2 afternoon shifts on weekdays (Monday to Friday). Weekends will be off to work. On Weekends VWI organize Sightseeing Tours in Jaipur for Volunteers.
Fee and Facilities Provided:
The cost to join the program is $340 for 1 week; $160 per week thereafter. No Application fees required. For more information about our fees please visit Volunteer Program Fees Page. The facilities offered will include Arranging your Programme, Pre-departure information and support by email/phone, Arrival pickup from Jaipur, Program relevant materials, Accommodation with Indian Host Family, 3 Meals ( Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ), Transportation facility for project site, Weekend Sightseeing’s Tours and 24 hours of admin support.

Availability and Qualification-

Volunteers can join the project anytime of the year as per their convenience. This task requires no file full of degrees. All you need to have is dedication and a will to serve.
Note:VWI will not be responsible for volunteer’s Tourist Visa Fees, Flight tickets, phone calls, insurance and Airport drop off.
About The Initiative-
If you have zeal to serve animals and looking for a way to do your bit, Volunteering with India offers you with the right opportunity. The purpose of many foreign tourists is not just to travel but also to volunteer in India for a number of social causes. Our Work With Elephants in India initiative gives you the opportunity to be a part of Elephant care program in Jaipur, the Heritage City of India. The Elephant village situated near Amber Fort is India’s first and world’s third village dedicated to Elephants. Stretched in an area of about 30 hectares, this village offers all the amenities, including a big lake, required for Elephants to thrive and enjoy themselves. Our program is directed towards helping mahouts in taking good care of these animals.
Role of Volunteers
The elephants in the village are the only source of earning for the poor mahouts, therefore their conservation and proper care makes the basis of their livelihood. The Elephant goes for the Tourist ride/safari in Amber Fort. By Looking at the bigger picture Elephants in India is part of the Hinduism religion as they are used for cultural festivals, family traditions and weddings. As per the number of total population of Elephants in city still 50% are not yet accommodated by Government due to the Elephant Village site is still under construction. As per our Program Volunteers can also be take part in caring for Elephants which have shelters out of the zone area. The volunteers will be required to carry out a number of tasks associated with proper caring of elephants including their bathing, food, cleaning, carrying water, massage and making hay bundles and chapattis. The volunteers joining the Work With Elephants in India program will be required to work for 2-3 hours. The timings of which will be:

Summer- 5 am – 8:00 am (Mon to Fri),
Winter- 5:30 am – 8:30 am (Mon to Fri)
Note:- Working time can be changed according to work requirement.
People working in afternoon shifts can take it anytime in the weekday and it will be compulsory only if work will be there. Volunteers can take two afternoon shifts in one week. As you will start to work, you will surely become a part of the program and will not only learn a lot but will also get the satisfaction of serving animals and caring for them. Being a volunteer will be a good opportunity not only to learn about elephant care but also to be a little close to Indian culture and traditions.

Accommodation, Food and Transport Facilities:
If you wish to join as a volunteer with VWI, you will be provided with all the basic Indian facilities including accommodation and food. Accommodation are provided in the main city of Jaipur, from where you can not only enjoy the scenic beauty but also can go to the local market to buy various traditional stuffs and other commodities for your use. The meals serves at the accommodation are the everyday meals which are eaten by the Indian families. This help to build the program to make you Feel Like a Local. If you need more attention in your meals or want to add nutrition/protein/special diet you can arrange by your own from the near by local market. Proper transportation facilities will also be provided to commute to the workplace on a daily basis. Weekends will all be yours to complete your other tasks or take a ride round the city. We will take you around to the major historical places which will provide you with an opportunity to meet volunteers assigned for other projects and share your experiences. These trips will be a great opportunity for you to get well versed with the rich cultural heritage of the pink city.
You will be required to pay extra direct to the host family for Internet Wi-fi connection (200 INR weekly) and Mineral water Bottle which cost you 20 INR per bottle.

Work Schedule (Monday- Friday):
Arrival Day-:Volunteers will be picked from the arrival destination in Jaipur, India. After picking you once of our team member will bring you to the host family accommodation. There you will be detailed about the project and the working schedule, do’s and don’ts, that will work as a helpful guide to them throughout the project. They will also be introduced to the host family and all the facilities that they will be provided with for a comfortable stay.
Day 2-:Volunteers will be taken to the project site situated near the Amber Fort to brief them about their daily tasks related to proper care of the elephants. The project coordinator and the mahouts will be there to guide them at every step.
The tasks will remain same for the subsequent days.
Weekends-:On Weekends we arrange sightseeing tours for volunteers in Jaipur.

Why Should I join the VWI team and the WWI initiative?
-It is an opportunity to work with an incredible team and satiate your desire to contribute a little to the animal care efforts.
– A chance to know the city and its people well and work with them to get a better understanding of their tradition, culture, language and ways of life.
– To get an experience of a lifetime which you can add as a badge in your resume.
– If you love elephants, we provide you with a good platform to work towards their betterment.
– You get a lifetime membership with us and you can also lend a helping hand by volunteering with our other ongoing projects.

Note :The Elephants in Jaipur are taking care by Government of Rajasthan, mahouts and their owners. For the protection they are chained inside shelters. Elephants are also used for the Tourism purpose, Cultural Events & Religious ceremonies in India from centuries. Before applying for the Program you must need to aware by the situation and agree by VWI Terms conditions policy.

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