Volunteer Stories

Work With Elephant Stories

Work With Elephants ( Amanda Kennedy, U.K )

My flight arrived early but within 5 minutes one of the VWI staff member was there to pick me up. Great Service. The accommodation was very good, the guesthouse had everything you could need including wifi internet, dry your clothes and a shop nearby that everything. The food was very tasty, available on demand and plenty of it – they were always offer more if it required. Taxidriver drove me everywhere and he was awesome! I found that most of the time. I get into the tuk-tuk and I didn’t know where I was going but I always went somewhere exciting! I will miss our samosa parties in the tuk-tuk a lot. He was on time, his driving was great and his smiley hallo, good morning at 5:00 a.m was always much appreciated. Govind was my project supervisor and he really made my trip amazing. He was very helpful with any questions. I am yet to find one he couldn’t answer. He included me in things outside the project with his friends and family and I loved every minute of it. Sukret was also extremely helpful and answers my questions promptly. He was always around to check everything was ok. Read More

Work With Children Volunteer Stories

Work With Children ( Willie & Celine V Gent, Holland)

Last summer, august of 2013, I and my daughter spent 3 weeks volunteering for The Working with Children Project, set up through the Volunteering with India (VWI) Organization. Overall the experience was amazing and worthwhile, highly recommended for those interested in travel, the culture of India and making a difference. When volunteering for The Working with Children Project, the volunteer's main objectives are teaching English and Mathematics, although the work day also includes a dance time prior to lunch and arts and crafts/ life skills project in the afternoon. We were lucky to be with the two of us and found it useful to divide the boys and sometimes some girls into different groups in which we were able to adjust our teaching to better suit their needs. Read More

Volunteer in Orphanage Project Stories

Volunteering in an Orphanage ( Cristina, Romania)

Volunteering in an orphanage is like space traveling, like going to a completely different world for some time. People may ask me why do I say that and the answer is not one that sets the heart at ease. A human being is born, most of the times, in a family, having a mother and a father that will care for them for the rest of their lives, uncles, aunts and grandparents that will always think about them and a home in which they can grow and develop their talents and skills. But those things don’t happen to every soul that is being brought to life. There are those children that will never know the love of a parent and the comfort of a home. Those children are left alone and in the best case scenario they go to an orphanage. It’s a completely different world the one in which they live, than the one most of us live in. By us I talk about people who have been blessed with loving families. Read More

Teach English Project Stories

Volunteering in Teach English in Rural Area (Ruby Joseph, USA)

Arriving at New Delhi Airport to the amazing bustle, noise, colours and crowds that are unique to India, I felt a little bit nervous and was wondering what my next four weeks of teaching English in an Indian school, away from my friends and family, would bring me. After arrival to Airport I come jaipur by a Volvo bus which was so luxuries IT took 4 hours to reach the Jaipur. The VWI team member tapan was waiting me at the Bus Stand he drop me at my host family. My host was so nice and lovable they welcome me very well manner. They said me Namaste ( Hello ) that was my first Hindi word which i learn on first day. I was having a very neat and clean room with attach bathroom. Read More

Women Empowerment Volunteer Stories

Women Empowerment (Hans, France)

During the summer of 2012 I was a volunteer in Jaipur, India. I went there in a program designed for women empowerment. All my life, the best role model I had was my mother who passed away at the beginning of the year; she did great things for me and I know howimportant the role of women in society is. Because of her I became an activist for women rights in underdeveloped countries. Before the summer of 2012 I never went to Jaipur, but after what I experienced there I plan on going again next year. There is a huge need of schools in which those women can get an education, can develop skills and they need to learn that they can do more in life than just raise babies. Unfortunately they don’t get to experience all that there is to life because they are not given the chance to do so. VWI is trying to change that and give them the opportunity to a life that is more fulfilling but in order for the organization to do so, there is a need for other people to get involved and help organize things and raise money. Read More

Theatre Volunteer Stories

Theatre Volunteer Work ( Kelly Bannister, U.K )

From the first day arriving in Jaipur I was made to feel very welcome by the staff of VWI and the Host Family. On the first day at the school I was initially nervous but the children were all so lovely and keen to learn. My 2 weeks were filled with puppet making as I had organized puppet show with the children on the last day of my volunteering. I organized 3 program for children. All these programs made me feel very proud and also sad that my time was at end. I loved my time in Jaipur, met some great people, had some amazing food, saw the incredible sights in & around the city and even managed to watching a Bollywood movie in at Raj Mandir. The reason to choose VWI that I wanted to do something involving theatre which is how I find VWI site in internet. There were great reviews and as you were based in Jaipur I felt you were better involved with the projects over a Company based in the UK. Read More