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Theater Volunteer Program India

About The Program:

Do you have a passion for Theatre, travelling and helping young children? With VWI we offer people like you the fantastic opportunity to teach underprivileged young children living in the iconic Pink City of Jaipur. During your time on the programme you will be placed in a local school or orphanage where you’ll have the freedom to create and organise your very own programme. Volunteers in the past have put on plays, taught dance routines, made masks/puppets and facilitated scenes from well-known scripts. Volunteers may also wish to consider teaching core performance techniques (acting, singing, dancing), teaching scenes from musicals or teaching children how to make their own costumes. Volunteers are expected to arrive fully prepared with a plan of what they’re going to teach; they may also wish to bring props and costumes, but the main things to bring are ideas and enthusiasm.
There is a lack of free, quality education in Jaipur and little theatre education. The children you will be teaching don’t usually receive theatre education, so all will be inexperienced and some will be shy. Furthermore, many of the children in the schools are children from difficult backgrounds; therefore volunteers who can find a balance between sensitivity and fun are perfect for these children who aren’t given the chance to experience the excitement of education. The beauty of this programme is that we find the children’s confidence, happiness and unity increases as the programme progresses and their hope for the future becomes a real possibility.

Project Fact File
Project Duration: Minimum 2 weeks stay up to 6 weeks.
Project Availabilities: All year round – Dates are flexible you can choose your own start and finish date.
Requirements: We don’t need any qualification for this project. Volunteers must have lots of love & enthusiasm for the project.
Location: Jaipur, India.
Project Activities: Organize the program, making & design the set, teach children in acting/drama & dance, help teachers in the performance of children & Work on other things which needs to organize the program.
Working Days: Monday-Friday. On Weekend we arrange sightseeing tours for volunteers to visit famous tourist spots in Jaipur.
What is included: Arranging your Programme, Pre-departure information and support by email/phone, Arrival pickup from Jaipur, Program relevant materials, Accommodation with Indian Host Family, 3 Meals ( Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ), Transportation facility for project site, Weekend Sightseeing’s Tours and 24 hours of admin support.
What is not included: Visa, Flights, Internet, Telephone Calls, Monuments/Sightseeing Entry Fees, Insurance Cover, and Airport Drop off.

Work for Volunteers

You will be giving training to help children for their local performance such as teaching theater, to improve focus, making the set, design them, music selection, making the masks and organize the program for children. We don’t need an expert actor, director or an artist we just want from our volunteer to offer love to children, to make them good theater actors and to help the ones that are talented but they are shy or just not able to bring it out. We expect the volunteers to offer good help and to be good teachers in the workshops. Volunteers can also work with the children in rural areas, so they can arrange to put in play a drama with them. This helps build confidence for them and makes them be more united and see the future with more hope and joy. Also, volunteers can put in play dramas with the kids from the orphanages that the organization works with. The children in orphanages are always eager to learn new things and this shows them the fun part of life, at the end of the day children fall asleep with a smile on their faces because their talents get to be discovered and enhanced while having fun. Volunteers can choose where to develop the theater program; whether it’s orphanage, street children shelter, local school or in the women empowerment program, it will be very rewarding to see a project complete. Read Our –Volunteers Stories & Reviews about the Program.

Qualifications Required for Program

There are no specific qualifications required to be a part of the Theatre programme. You don’t have to be a professional performer or teacher; all we’re after are confident individuals with a passion for helping young children and spreading love, joy and knowledge of performance. Individuals who do have experience in performing or teaching are very welcomed. Moreover, volunteers who wish to increase their own experience of teaching and knowledge of Indian culture are also embraced.

Arrangement of Room, Food & Transportation

Volunteers are taken care of from the moment they arrive in Jaipur. Volunteers are picked up from the airport and taken directly to their host family’s house. Host families are carefully screened and selected based on VWI’s requirements. You will have your own room within the family’s home-on occasion you will share your room with another volunteer of the same gender. Volunteer’s bedrooms normally come equipped with ensuite bathrooms and a washing line to hang clothes. The beds don’t tend to be fitted out with mosquito nets, so you should bring one with you.
The meals provided by the host family are basic, traditional Indian food. Most local families are vegetarian, so the purchase and storage of meat is forbidden. You will receive three meals a day-breakfast, lunch and dinner. The idea is for volunteers to feel and live like a local. However, there are nearby shops which sell other foods-such as cheese, milk, juice, crisps and chocolate. There will also be an abundance of fruit and vegetable stands in the food markets and commercial shopping centres with super markets and European chain restaurants (a short tuk-tuk ride away.)
There will be Wifi connection at the host house, which is available for just 200 rupees per week (equivalent to roughly £2) and bottled mineral drinking water for 20 rupees each (equivalent to roughly 20p.)
Each day an auto rickshaw (tuk-tuk) will transport you to and from the host family’s house to where your volunteering is based.

What you will gain from this project

>An experience with children who will appreciate everything you teach and share with them.
>A feeling of immense fulfillment and happiness that you’ve helped children who are less privileged than yourself.
>Unforgettable memories of living in the Pink City of Jaipur.
>Opportunity to learn Indian culture, language and their traditions.
>An experience which will look fantastic on your CV for future work prospects (having worked in a developing country.)
>A Lifetime membership with VWI after completion of your project!

Volunteer Week Detail

Day 1: On day 1 you will arrive in Jaipur, where you will be picked up from the airport by one of our VWI staff members who will welcome you into the Pink City. You will then be transferred to your Host family accommodation where we’ll introduce you to the family and settle you into your room. You will then be briefed on the all of the facilities/shops nearby, rules and regulations and anything else you need to know about living with your host family and living as a tourist in Jaipur. You will also receive an overview of your chosen project (your working day schedule, what to expect as a volunteer and any do’s and don’ts.) The remainder of the day is yours to relax and overcome any jet lag!
Day 2 to working days: You will be transported to your project site where you will meet your project co-ordinator (who will always be there to help and guide you.) You’ll also be welcomed by the children and anyone else you’ll become familiar with who works at the site, all of whom are always delighted to meet volunteers. You will then be in charge and you are free to commence with your organised activities! Additionally to the theatre based activities you will have prepared for the children, volunteers are asked to teach approximately 1 hour of English a day (in most cases their level of English is good considering Hindi is their first language.) It is also recommended that volunteers have a sizeable selection of fun games to start and finish the day with-as these are a brilliant way of allowing everyone to open up and get to know one another!
Weekends: The weekends are yours to relax and experience Jaipur. Every weekend VWI organise optional sightseeing tours of the wondrous, historical places the Pink City has to offer. Weekends also provide volunteers with the fantastic opportunity to spend time with other volunteers they’ll be living with, who may not be on the same programme as themselves.
Add on Tour Package:For volunteers who want even more, they can choose to join one of our tour packages to finish off their time in India! If you’re wishing to explore India more, our tours are the perfect way to enhance your experience. Volunteers can decide between our ‘Elephants in Jaipur Tour’, our ‘Wildlife with Taj Mahal Tour’, our ‘Golden Triangle Tour’ or our ‘Taj Mahal and Ranthambore Trip’.

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