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3 days Elephant Jaipur Tour Program

The Program
If you are also an animal lover, then, you must know how hard it is to define such love in words. Animal lovers have a soft spot for animals in their heart and this love makes them attracted to volunteer for animal care in whatever way they can. Have you ever pondered about caring for the majestic elephants while enjoying the marvellous beauty of India’s very own Pink City Jaipur?
Yes, you heard it right. Our organisation ‘Volunteering within India’ brings you an awesome opportunity to show your love and care to elephants through voluntary services in association with our organisation. The 3 day elephant tour package has everything that will make you live the best time of your life by providing hands on care to elephants with the assistance of Mahout. Volunteers will get a chance to get the real feel of India by residing with an Indian host family for 3 days, enjoying their traditions and meals and also visiting the best tourist attractions of Jaipur. This Elephant Activity program consider as one of the best Things To DO in Jaipur for visitors.

Tour Fact File
Duration of the program: 3 days.
Location: Jaipur, India.
Program Days: Program starts every week Tuesday and Friday.
Program Fees: Program Fees is $200 USD payable at the time of registration for the package.
Pick up Facility:Once you arrive in Jaipur, we will arrange a pick up facility for you and will drop you at an accommodation with an Indian Host family.
Stay with Indian family:Enjoy a homely stay with an Indian family where host mother will cook you a sumptuous purely vegetarian food. While you enjoy the delicious meals, you also get to know about rich Indian culture and traditions. So this will be like an exchange program where you will fall in love with Indians and feel like being one of them.
3 meals per day:For your eating convenience, we will provide you 3 Indian vegetarian meals per day i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Project Transportation:We will arrange Tuk-Tuk facility for daily morning visit to elephants & Jaipur sightseeing tour so that participants can feel like Jaipur locals who use Tuk-tuk for daily transportation.
Sightseeing Tour:We will arrange a sightseeing tour to 7 famous tourist destinations.
24 hours of Admin Support:We will be in touch with you to help you whenever you need.
Elephant care activities:These activities include bathing the elephants, cleaning the area, making bundle of hay & chapattis for elephants meals.
What is not included:Internet, Mineral Water Bottle, Monument Entry Fees and any kind of personal expenses.

The program is specifically designed to attract visitors who do not have time to join our major Elephant Volunteer Project. To know more about Elephant life (what they do, how volunteers work, terms of the program, the environment of elephant village) and about the facilities offered to participants of Elephant Volunteer Project, please consider ‘Main Program’ page Link.
Program Dates
Please Note Our 3 days program start on every week Tuesday & Friday. Below are the dates you can choose to join :-
December,2016:-2Dec to 4 Dec, 6 Dec to 8 Dec, 9 Dec to 11 Dec, 13 Dec to 15 Dec, 16 Dec to 18 Dec, 20 Dec to 22 Dec, 23 Dec to 25 Dec, 27 Dec to 29 Dec, 30 Dec to 1 Dec.
January,2017:-3Jan to 5 Jan, 6Jan to 8 Jan, 10Jan to 12Jan, 13Jan to 15Jan, 17Jan to 19 Jan, 20Jan to 22Jan, 24Jan to 26Jan, 27Jan to 29Jan, 31Jan to 2Feb.
February,2017:-3Feb to 5Feb, 7Feb to 9Feb, 10Feb to 12Feb, 14Feb to 16Feb, 17Feb to 19Feb, 21Feb to 23Feb, 24Feb to 26Feb, 28Feb to 2Mar.
March,2017:-3Mar to 5Mar, 7Mar to 9Mar, 10Mar to 12Mar, 14Mar to 16Mar, 17 Mar to 19Mar, 21Mar to 23Mar, 24Mar to 26Mar, 28Mar to 30Mar, 31Mar to 2Apr.
April,2017:-4Apr to 6Apr, 7Apr to 9Apr, 11Apr to 13Apr, 14Apr to 16Apr, 18Apr to 20 Apr, 21Apr to 23Apr, 25Apr to 27Apr, 28Apr to 30Apr.
May,2017:-2May to 4May, 5May to 7May, 9May to 11May, 12May to 14May, 16 May to 18May, 19May to 21May, 23May to 25May, 26May to 28May, 30May to 1June.
June,2017:-2June to 4June, 6June to 8June, 9June to 11June, 13June to 15June, 16June to 18June, 20June to 22June, 23June to 25June, 27June to 29June, 30June to 2July.
July,2017:-4July to 6July, 7July to 9July, 11July to 13July, 14July to 16July, 18July to 20 July, 21July to 23July, 25July to 27July, 28July to 3July.
August,2017:-1Aug to 3Aug, 4Aug to 6Aug, 8Aug to 10Aug, 11Aug to 13Aug, 15Aug to 17Aug, 18Aug to 20Aug, 22Aug to 24Aug, 25Aug to 27Aug, 29Aug to 31Aug.
September,2017:-1Sep to 3Sep, 5Sep to 7Sep, 8Sep to 10Sep, 12Sep to 14Sep, 15Sep to 17Sep, 19Sep to 21Sep, 22Sep to 24Sep, 26Sep to 28Sep, 29Sep to 1Oct.
October,2017:-3Oct to 5Oct, 6Oct to 8Oct, 10Oct to 12Oct, 13Oct to 15Oct, 17Oct to 19Oct, 20Oct to 22Oct, 24Oct to 26Oct, 27Oct to 29Oct, 31Oct to 2Nov.
November,2017:-3Nov to 5Nov, 7Nov to 9Nov, 10Nov to 12Nov, 14Nov to 16Nov, 17 Nov to 19Nov, 21Nov to 23Nov, 24Nov to 26Nov, 28Nov to 30Nov.
December,2017:-1Dec to 3Dec, 5Dec to 7Dec, 8Dec to 10Dec, 12Dec to 14Dec, 15Dec to 17Dec, 19Dec to 21Dec, 22Dec to 24Dec, 26Dec to 28Dec, 29Dec to 31Dec.
Day 1::On day 1 we provide pick up facility for you from your desired location in Jaipur ( Airport/Bus Stand/Railway Station/ Hotel). After pickups we will transfer to your accommodation. Spend time with your lovely Indian Family and took rest after your long travel. At 2:30 p.m our project taxi will come to pick you and bring you to meet our Elephants at the Village. It is like meet-greet program with Chapati making work. Make sure to arrive at least before 12:00 so that you have enough time for rest from your journey & meals at Indian Family House.
Day 2:Get Ready for the Tuk-Tuk ride to the elephant village. Our project taxi will pick you in morning 5 a.m as the elephant care work starts early. You will be caring the elephants for 3 hours which includes bathing them, cleaning the area, make bundle of hay for elephant to eat. After elephant care work you will reach the accommodation at 8:30 a.m. At 1:30 p.m our project taxi will come to bring for the sightseeing tour of Jaipur.
Day 3:Day 3 plan will be same as the day 2. This will be your last day to say Good Bye to your Lovely Elephants. You will going in the morning for elephant care work and in afternoon going for the sightseeing tour. After finishing the sight seen tour you can go by your own to visit the nearby local market and temples. Our accommodation is in the main local city area where most of things available by the walking distance.

An unforgettable experience is promised indeed.

We, at Volunteering within India, strive hard to make you enjoy your trip to the core while you strengthen your bond with lovely elephants.
So plan a trip to Jaipur and get a lovely dose of closeness with elephants along with enjoying the serene beauty of one of the most royal and breathtaking places of India.

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